Roller conveyor - this mechanism is designed as a group of rollers with axes fixed to a common frame with an interval between of them. Designed to move such product as goods with a rigid frame, corrugated boxes, pallets, trays, boxes, etc.

Roller conveyors

Today there are many different types of roller conveyors, which are widely used in many industries. Depending on the purpose and design features roller conveyor can be of the following types:

  • Non-driven and driven roller conveyors;
  • Straight and curved roller conveyors;
  • Stationary and mobile roller conveyors;
  • Inclined roller conveyors;
  • Flexible gravity roller conveyors;
  • Outfeed and infeed roller conveyors;
  • Accumulative roller conveyors

To perform the necessary functions during the operation can be installedvarious boards, guides, automation units, etc.

The width of the rollers is chosen so that the width of the product was somewhat less. The distance between near rollers (pitch) must be less than 1/3 the length of the small-sized product. The material and design of rollers depend on the requirements to the equipment: operating conditions, type of load, arrangement requirements, etc. The price of such conveyor depends on of all the above characteristics.

Non-driven roller conveyors (gravity)

Non-driven roller conveyors are installed at a slight angle (3-5 degrees) to the horizon in the direction of movement. The rotation of the rollers and the movement of product takes place under the force of gravity acting on the transported product.

Drive roller conveyors

Driven roller conveyors can move loads along different trajectory (it is possible to lift the load- angle to 5 degrees). Transmission rotation from the output shaft of motor drive to the rollers is provided in different ways - by the bush roller chain, by various straps, etc. Further rotation of the conveyor rollers can be provided either one traction element (tangential drive) or rotational transmission occurs from roller to roller in sequence. Production and assembly of this type roller conveyors is simple. Are used in warehouses, packaging lines, etc.

Characteristics of roller conveyors

Configuration of rollers depends on many factors: the properties of transported products, sanitary requirements for equipment, environmental conditions and safety. Based on these requirements to the equipment we select the optimum combination of features that allows you to design roller that meets all demand, with the least cost.Below are the main characteristics of rollers:

Roll material:
Galvanized steel
Stainless Steel
Galvanized steel with rubber cover

Material of construction:
Structural steel (powder coating)
Galvanized steel
Stainless Steel
Aluminum profile

Type of boards:

Boards from sheet with various material
Profile from high-molecular plastic

Roller conveyors occupy a significant part in conveyor systems. They are used in those areas where the installation of other types of conveyors is either impossible or impractical for economic reasons. To solve the problems of transportation of loads with a rigid frame (boxes, corrugated boxes, etc.) choice of this type conveyor is the optimal solution. Due to simple construction and relatively low cost components the price of roller conveyor generally lower than other types of conveyors. Labor costs for the production of rollers are quite low, which also has a positive effect on the cost of the equipment.

In addition, it should be noted the low operating costs and high reliability designs that are provided by the following factors:

  1. The bearings in the rollers are lubricated for all operation time
  2. Elements of transmission of rotation from the motor drive to the rolls (chain, straps) no needs to service
  3. The lack of wearing parts

Another advantage of the roller conveyors is that they can work under severe conditions (temperature, humidity, dust etc.). When grease with low-temperature used bearings can be mounted in the freezers.


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