Oval-shaped modular conveyor Circulating conveyor with a curved oval modular belt is used for accumulating product at various stages of production and packaging. It is a horizontal conveyor with a closed trajectory. Products are supplied from the input conveyor and moves along a closed way. To the extent that product takes its accumulation on the conveyor. Operators whose work desks are near the conveyor,  takes the products from the belt for further processing.The design of the conveyor is made according with all loading that it experiences during operation.


Advantages of the circulating conveyor:

  • Efficient production logistics;
  • Saving of production areas;
  • Optimization of staff quantity

Characteristics of the circulating conveyor depends on the following parameters:

  • Turning radius modular belt
  • The required capacity of the conveyor
  • The number of work desks
  • Product characteristics (size, weight, type of surface, etc.)