Straight modular conveyorsThe simplest type of conveyors with a modular belt which is used for movement of product along straight way.

Structurally consists of driving section, average section and section of reverse motion. The movement of a belt is result of drive shaft rotation. The motor drive with a hollow shaft is installed on the moment lever.




 Straight modular conveyorsThe control system of conveyors:

Control systems of our conveyor equipment provide reliable operation and meet all the standards of electrical safety.
Depending on the wishes of the client, we can offer various control schemes, which differ in functionality and cost.

The composition of the control system


Frequency regulation

Magnetic starter in the housing with a thermal relay

Cheapest option


Control system with starter and thermal relay

Is recommended when connecting some conveyors in the system


Control system with frequency converter

An effective solution for flexible management of conveyor systems


To order a straight modular conveyor, you need to send an e-mail your requirements specification to, call by phone +371 66 016 253 or use order form.