"BCS" company produces conveyors for the production of all kinds of canned food: meat, fish, fruits,vegetables, etc. Conveyors are used at all stages of production and are used to join the various technological equipments: machines for rinsing and sterilizing cans, dosage, filling and capping machine, accumulative tables, packaging lines, etc. Also, conveyors are used as independent units - inspection conveyors, packaging conveyors, conveyors for washing containers, etc.

Our company develops and manufactures the following conveyors for canning:

  1. Conveyors for rinsing and drying containers;
  2. Conveyors for containers (cans, bottles);
  3. Buffer for containers;
  4. Inspection conveyors;
  5. Packaging conveyors;
  6. Automatic conveyor units (cans overturn, grouping, accumulation);
  7. Transporters for transport packaging (corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, etc.)

Information about conveyors used in the pre-processing of primary products, you can find in the relevant catalog menu: fish, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables,etc.

For this branch of food industry frequently uses the following types of conveyors:

  1. Belt conveyors (transport of primary products);
  2. Modular conveyors (transport of primary products);
  3. Plastic chain conveyors (transport cans, bottles);
  4. Grid conveyors (transport of primary products);
  5. Roller conveyors (transportation corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, etc.);
  6. Vibration conveyors (batching of primary products )

We supply both standard conveyors and conveyors developed based on specific customer requirements.

With any questions regarding our equipment, please, contact our sales department by calling + 371 66 016 253, or e-mail bcsconveyor@inbox.lv