Baltic Conveyor Systems Ltd specializes in the production of conveyors for various canned food industries such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Our conveyors are utilized at all stages of production and facilitate the integration of various technological equipment such as rinsing and sterilizing machines for cans, dosing and filling machines, capping machines, packaging lines, and accumulative tables.

Additionally, our conveyors can be used as stand-alone units, such as inspection conveyors, packaging conveyors, and conveyors for washing containers.

We offer a range of conveyors designed specifically for the canning industry, including:

  • conveyors for rinsing and drying containers, 
  • container conveyors (cans and bottles), 
  • buffer conveyors,
  • inspection conveyors,
  • packaging conveyors,
  • automatic conveyor units for can overturning, grouping, and accumulation.
  • we also provide transporters for transport packaging such as corrugated boxes and plastic boxes.

Information on conveyors used in the pre-processing of primary products can be found in our relevant catalog menus for fish, meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetables.

Our conveyors are available in various types such as:

  • belt conveyors for primary product transportation,
  • modular conveyors for primary product transportation,
  • plastic chain conveyors for can and bottle transportation,
  • grid conveyors for primary product transportation,
  • roller conveyors for the transportation of corrugated and plastic boxes,
  • vibration conveyors for primary product batching.

We offer standard conveyors as well as customized conveyors tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

With any questions regarding our equipment, please, contact our sales department by phone at + 371 28014638, or by e-mail