Our company produces conveyer systems for meat processing factories of various capacities ranging from small farms to high-productivity cutting meat factories. We offer our customers solutions with using single equipment or application complex conveyor systems for the automation of the production process. The range of equipment offered by us covers the areas from cutting to packaging of products in the shipping container and storage in warehouse.

Conveyors for cuts and carcasses meatCutting conveyor for meat

Used for transportation cuts, quarters and carcasses after cutting into large parts to work desks of operators. 

Development of the conveyor line is made to customer's specifications. The parameters are depended on the layout of the department, grouping of equipment  and characteristics of initial products.

Cutting conveyors with work desks

Cutting conveyor is used for deboning and trimming of meat in a continuous line production. Its application allows to organize the processing of meat in the smallest area with a minimum staff. The dimensions of the conveyor depend on the number of work desks and capacity of cutting line. Conveyor consists of three layers:

The first - roller conveyor for transporting plastic boxes with meat products;
The second - belt conveyor for meat;
The third - gravity roller conveyor for supplying empty boxes

On the sides of the conveyor are placed cutting tables for operators.

The standard work desk includes the following components:

  1. Frame of stainless steel
  2. Removable table top with technological holes for waste
  3. Stands for boxes
  4. Stand with antiskid mesh for staff

Conveyors for plastic boxes

Such types of conveyors are used in factories with intense flows returnable boxes. To its transport are used conveyors with plastic chain or drive roller conveyors. For the accumulation are used gravity roller conveyors. Also, for development of complex conveyor system, we can use the full range of our conveyor equipment from simple conveyors to complex automation systems.

The main tasks:

  1. Giving of empty boxes in the cutting area
  2. Leading the boxes with products at the warehouse
  3. Storage of boxes
  4. Giving to automatic washing and drying

Circular accumulative conveyor

Circular conveyor with modular belt is used for accumulating of finished products at the stage of the packaging or stacking in transport container.

The advantages of our conveyors:

  • High quality of production and components
  • Accordance with all the sanitary standards
  • Low cost
  • Short delivery times
  • Fast return on investment (up to 2 years)

To order, please contact us by phone + 371 66 016 253, or e-mail bcsconveyor@inbox.lv