Circular desks (tables)Circular desks are used for accumulation of products moving from the feed conveyor to provide regular process of the production line. Structurally, it is disc installed to a vertical axis which is mounted in the bearing unit (in the case of non-drive option) or in the hollow shaft motor drive (in the case of drive option). The disc diameter does not exceed 2000mm for the standars version. The height for ease of operation is 900 ± 50 mm. In case of various versions the disk can be replaced by cone for operator comfort. Usually, material of the desk is stainless steel. Material of support frame is stainless steel or structural steel with powder coating.

Circular desks are used in factories in the following cases:

  1. Accumulating bottles for giving in an automated line;
  2. Accumulating products before packaging machines (to replace the film, reset, etc.);
  3. Accumulating products for further the laying  in boxes

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