Circular desks (tables)Circular accumulation tables are utilized in production lines to collect products from a feed conveyor and ensure a continuous flow in the manufacturing process. The design of this equipment features a disc that is vertically mounted on a bearing unit or a hollow shaft motor drive, depending on whether it is a non-drive or a drive option, respectively. The standard diameter of the disc does not exceed 2000mm, and the height is set at 900 ± 50 mm for optimal ease of use. To improve operator comfort, some versions feature a cone-shaped disc. The desk material typically used is stainless steel, while the support frame can be made of either stainless steel or structural steel with powder coating.

Circular desks are used in factories in the following cases:

  1. Accumulating bottles for giving in an automated line;
  2. Accumulating products before packaging machines (to replace the film, reset, etc.);
  3. Accumulating products for further laying  in boxes

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