Our company produces a full range of conveyors for processing of fruits and vegetables from simple conveyors to complex automated conveyor systems.

Specializing in the production of conveyors for the food industry, we can offer you standard equipment or develop a conveyor to your specification. We guarantee high quality, following all sanitary standards, reasonable prices, and short production terms.

We produce the following conveyors:

  1. Receiving conveyors with hopper;
  2. Conveyors for product moving;
  3. Conveyor for culling and sorting;
  4. Cleaning conveyors;
  5. Dryer conveyors;
  6. Cutting line (post-treatment, slicing, etc.);
  7. Multilayer conveyor for the process of packaging products;
  8. Conveyors for transporting packaging products;
  9. Conveyors for freezing

With any questions regarding our equipment, please, contact our sales department by phone at + 371 28014638, or by e-mail info@bcsconveyor.com